Who am I and what is Cogent Diversion? Here’s the story:

The minute I got on the internet at home- I was in 7th or 8th grade I believe – I was in love with it. I remember taking that CD out of the AOL tin, installing it and tingling with excitement at the sound of dial up.

The internet immediately became a place for me to find community and express myself. By the time I got to college, I needed a new online alias. At that point, none of my online-only contacts knew my real name. Not even some people I chatted with every day that I considered friends. We were all young and trying to play it safe online. So wise.

I was already blogging for a few years at this point and always wrote about a variety of things. I came up with the name “cogent diversion” in an effort to say “random stuff that has meaning” in a way that would really make me feel like my education was coming in handy.

Cut to a few years later –  I was an entrepreneur, growing a business or two and coming out from behind the scenes and using my own name was suddenly appropriate (and necessary). Recently, I’ve been wanting to create space again to write about things that matter to me that aren’t related to work, like I started doing 16 years ago. I’m horrible with names, but names are everything now. When I started blogging, getting the names you wanted was easy. Now you have to make sure you can get the URL, the Twitter handle and so on. After hours of wracking my brain, it finally hit me.

The name I’d used so long ago to semi-anonymously write about the things that captured my attention suddenly made sense again. And so, I revived Cogent Diversion – a place to capture and examine the things that matter to me.

I’ve created the space, but other voices are welcome. At the heart of everything I do, there’s an element of community and connection. If you’d like to contribute, collaborate or just say hello, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Welcome to Cogent Diversion.